Örumnet is a web-based real-time ordering and spare parts system for professionals in automotive spare parts – a future tool that is available to Örum’s customers today. For our committed partnership customers, it provides special services such as access to a registration number database and scheduled maintenance programmes.

Örumnet lists over 220,000 branded products from Europe’s leading manufacturers of spare parts. New products are added in real time on a daily basis. The Örumnet product selection is based on the latest statistics on the Finnish car park.

On Örumnet, our customers can find pictures, dimensional drawings and plenty of other information on the listed products. Price lists are available as downloads. In addition, committed partnership customers are offered the opportunity to search the contents for suitable spare parts by registration number. Another special service for our partners provides them with vehicle-specific scheduled maintenance programmes complete with details on the parts, tasks and time required.

Örumnet is available in different versions tailored to the different needs of spare parts retail outlets, workshops, vehicle manufacturers, and automotive importers and dealers. For greater ease of troubleshooting at workshops, Örumnet can be interfaced with the Autodata diagnosis database. The system continues to be developed on the basis of customer feedback to make it as fast, easy and inexpensive to use as possible.